Why Spectrum Life Solutions?

Spectrum Life Solutions is an autism consulting, education and life planning practice that enables families to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed in creating successful life transitions. We offer evidence based strategies to prepare families and educational institutions for proactively addressing the individual's life's challenges and barriers.

  We understand how transitions in the life of a child or youth with Autism and other special needs can have numerous and complex difficulties. The pressures in their social, educational and other life roles can have a lasting impact on their mental health, self-esteem and self-determination. These significant challenges in navigating their world can place overwhelming demands on their emotions and views about the world.

At Spectrum Life Solutions we recognize the importance of an individual's need for the development of their personal interests, abilities and skills. We encourage our clients to show their vibrant individuality and actively participate in creating a self-determined path in life, regardless of the extent of their disability. We believe everyone has something to offer to the world.  

We support families by providing them with the tools, resources, life planning direction and encouragement to address those challenges and build on their strengths to create a path for life.





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